Application for Assistance

If you are the legal guardian of a person for whom NSW Trustee and Guardian (formerly Public Trustee NSW) holds funds in Trust, it is now possible to make requests for assistance Online.

To make your request, scroll down and fill in the form below. Once your request has been assessed, you will be contacted as nominated and notified of the result or requested to provide additional detail.

This facility is designed to enable you to apply online for one off advances to the maximum amount of $500 to be used for the benefit of the person for whom the funds are held in trust.

To be eligible to apply, you must be known to NSW Trustee and Guardian as the Legal Guardian of the person for whom funds are held.

So that full consideration can be given to your request, please provide full details when completing the form. In certain circumstances, further supporting information or documentation may be required to enable consideration to your request. Additionally, payment may be made to the supplier of the goods or services.

If you are making a request for financial assistance in relation to any of following, further details will be required and we will be in contact with you to advise you of the additional requirements: 

  • Furniture, Computers, Electrical Goods (over $500)¬†
  • Designer Clothing or Footwear
  • Orthodontist
  • Motor Vehicles
  • School Fees
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Investment in a Business
  • Specialised Sporting Equipment
  • Ongoing Maintenance¬†
  • Other major expenditure
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