Scam Warning - National Disability Insurance Scheme

We have been made aware of a scam that may affect some of our clients who are eligible for, or participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What do I watch out for?

People claiming to be from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) attempt to collect personal details from people by telephone. The caller threatens to cancel your NDIS plan unless you provide personal details.

How do I know it isn't the National Disability Insurance Agency calling?

The NDIA do contact people by phone for the purpose of completing a verbal access request to become a participant in the NDIS. In this instance, the NDIA will ask for certain personal information over the phone, but will only make the request after explaining the purpose of asking for it and seeking your consent to proceed.

If you are already a participant in the NDIS, the NDIA may contact you directly by phone or email to advise you that additional information is required or there is a need to update records. The purpose of asking for this information will be explained and ask that you either visit your nearest NDIA office, or call 1800 800 110.

The NDIA will never require you to provide personal information or threaten to cancel your NDIS plan because you do not provide personal details by phone.

How do I check if the call is a scam?

If you are unsure about whether a person calling you is from the NDIA, you can ask for their name and number and call the agency back. If you believe it is a scam please report it to, your local NDIA contact or call 1800 800 110.  They will be able to confirm whether the caller was from the NDIA.