Advance Care Directives

NSW Trustee & Guardian is unable to assist with the preparation of Advance Care Directives.  

Enduring Guardianship is the legal form of appointment of a substitute decision-maker in areas concerning your general health and lifestyle. An Advance Care Directive which is sometimes referred to as a ‘Living Will’ is a different document. It should provide a clear statement that sets out your directions including your wishes and values that need to be considered before medical treatment decisions are made on your behalf. Discussions around these issues are best done with people who are important to you and your doctor.

An Advance Care Directive can be attached to your Enduring Guardianship appointment. Alternatively, you can direct your Enduring Guardian to your separately written Advance Care Directive. Having your Advance Care Directive and Enduring Guardianship as separate forms provides you with greater flexibility to adjust your Advance Care Directive as your health conditions change without the need to execute a new Enduring Guardianship document. It also allows you to make your Advance Care Directive at a later time in consultation with your health care practitioner.

There is no prescribed format or form for an Advance Care Directive. Should you want to make an Advance Care Directive you can simply write down your wishes. You can find out further information from:

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