Estate Administration

NSW Trustee and Guardian have been administering estates for over 100 years and are experts in estate management offering a full estate administration service.

The executor of a Will carries out the instructions contained in the Will.
If a person has died without a valid will we can administer the estate.
If you have been appointed executor of someone’s estate it's good to know that someone with expertise and experience can take over this work for you.
Addresses the most common questions and concerns regarding administering an estate.
Image of A Guide for Beneficiaries booklet
Guide for Beneficiaries
This booklet outlines the process of NSW Trustee & Guardian administering an estate. PDF file size is 1MB.
Image of A Guide to Executorship and Probate booklet
A Guide to Executorship and Probate
This booklet provides helpful information on executorship and probate. It includes information about fees and charges. PDF file size is 1 MB.