Trust Fees and Charges

A trust is created by a Will, a deed, declaration or court order. Trusts are a way of providing continuing support for beneficiaries. If NSW Trustee & Guardian administers an estate that includes a continuing trust, the one-off trustee fee is not charged. If setting up a new trust or transferring a trust to NSW Trustee & Guardian, the one-off fee is charged.

Trust Administration Fees (incl. GST)
One-off trustee fee

Based on asset values:

3.85% on the first $100,000

2.75% on the second $100,000

1.65% on the third $100,000

0.55% any amounts over $300,000

Minimum fee of $220

Trust management 0.77% per year on value of assets held (excluding the principal place of residence)*
Account keeping $132 per year
Investment  0.11% per year of value of assets invested in NSW Trustee & Guardian investment funds

*For some categories of trusts, including but not limited to testamentary, inter vivos, trusts for sale, or trusts resulting from a family provision claim, the principal place of residence is included in the asset total.


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