Will Preparation Fees

When your Will is prepared by NSW Trustee & Guardian you can choose your own executor, or choose NSW Trustee & Guardian for independent and impartial services. When you have both your Will and Power of Attorney planning ahead documents prepared by us, you receive a discount of $110.

Will preparation services are provided free for people eligible for a full Centrelink Age Pension (including people receiving other government benefits, such as a Department of Veterans' Affairs Pension, who would otherwise be eligible for a full Centrelink Age Pension).

Fees for Will and Power of Attorney (PoA) document preparation and update
Fees (incl. GST) Will PoA Will & PoA
Preparation $330  $220  $440
NSW Trustee & Guardian made document update $220  $165  $330

If you nominate NSW Trustee & Guardian as your executor in your Will, executor fees will apply for the administration of your estate after you die.

Method of payment

Payment for planning ahead services including the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents, and Will Safe storage can be made by EFTPOS. This includes Visa, Mastercard and prepaid cards available from Australia Post, Woolworths and Coles. NSW Trustee & Guardian does not accept cash, cheque, American Express, or Diners Club cards.

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