Future Assist

Because you never know what might happen

Future Assist is a “just in case” Power of Attorney designed to provide you with a safety net. With this plan, you will have the expert and immediate assistance of NSW Trustee & Guardian should you be unable to manage your financial affairs in the future. It is an ideal companion document to your Will.

You know that your financial affairs will be safely managed should the unexpected occur. Future Assist provides assurance that things like bills, income issues, investments and assets, and taxation will be taken care of should you be unable to deal with them at some time in the future. It is only used when needed when it then becomes “Active Assist.”

Case Study:

Rob and Julie are in their early 40's with two small children. Rob owns a business and Julie is a full time mum. They want to know their financial affairs would be safely managed should the unexpected occur; however both their parents are unavailable and Julie's brother lives interstate.

Rob and Julie opted for the security of Future Assist. With this plan their bills, income issues and children's education fees will be handled with ease should one- or both- of them become incapacitated.

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