Managing your money with you

How NSW Trustee & Guardian manage the financial affairs of clients

When your finances are managed by NSW Trustee & Guardian, we work with you to make sure your lifestyle needs are met and your money does not run out.

A client service team will help you when you contact us by email or phone. They know about your budget and will help if you have questions about things you want to spend money on.

Your client service team are also interested to hear about your plans for what you would like to spend money on in the future.

Financial Planning Unit

The Financial Planning Unit can provide a financial plan that is specific to your individual situation and needs.

NSW Trustee & Guardian financial plans are developed in consultation with the client, key stakeholders, client service officers and private managers as appropriate to ensure that each client's needs and plans over the longer term are identified to devise an appropriate investment strategy.

Review and revocation of financial management orders

If you want to review a financial management order or have NSW Trustee & Guardian removed as financial manager you need to consult with the organisation that issued the financial management order. This may be the Supreme Court (Equity Division - Protective), Guardianship Division, NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal or Mental Health Review Tribunal.

What information do you need to provide?

If you wish to have the financial management order appointing NSW Trustee & Guardian revoked you will need evidence from an appropriate professional such as a medical practitioner, psychologist or social worker to show that you are capable of managing your financial affairs.

Who do I contact next?

You should contact the court or relevant tribunal to discuss this matter before making an application.

Supreme Court of NSW Equity Division Guardianship Division, NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Mental Health Review Tribunal
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Missing Persons

Managing the financial and property affairs of a missing person

When a person goes missing difficulties can arise in the legal management of their financial and property affairs. Section 54 of NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009 enables an application to be made to the Supreme Court, after a person has been missing for at least 90 days, to declare the person missing and appoint a financial manager.

The Supreme Court can appoint a person (such as a family member) or NSW Trustee & Guardian to manage the property and financial affairs of the missing person. Please click here for Supreme Court contact details.

A protocol exists between NSW Trustee & Guardian and the NSW Police Force Missing Persons Unit which outlines how the agencies work together when a financial manager is appointed to manage the financial affairs of a protected missing person. This clear communication ensures that an estate can be returned to a person who is no longer considered missing.

The Family and Friends of a Missing Persons Unit provides counselling and support from trained professionals to families and friends of missing people. It is funded by the NSW Government and is part of the Department of Justice. They produce the guide Missing People: A guide for family members and service providers.