Investment of Funds for Trustee Clients 

We operate two portfolios under a Common Fund for the investment of trustee client funds received in our capacity as executor, trustee or attorney. These funds are initially placed in the Primary Portfolio. Investment plans are prepared and, if exposure to growth assets is required, the Common Fund acquires units in the Growth Portfolio on behalf of the particular estate or trust.

We charge a fee against the income of the Common Fund. The fee is for the management of the fund and payment of fees to external fund managers and service providers.

Trustee Primary Portfolio

The Primary Portfolio invests in high quality cash deposits and short term money market securities, and the interest reflects short term Cash rates generally.

Trustee Growth Portfolio

The Growth Portfolio, managed by Blackrock, invests 70% in the Indexed Australian Shares Sector Trust and 30% in the Indexed International Shares Sector Trust thus providing broad diversification. The portfolio objective is to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term. The price of the units fluctuates daily, depending on the market value of the shares held by the trusts.


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