Managed Clients 

NSW Trustee & Guardian can be appointed by a court or a tribunal to provide direct financial management services for people who have a disability that affects their ability to makes decisions. This may be due to mental illness, brain injury, intellectual disability, dementia or other disabilities.

NSW Trustee & Guardian can be appointed in two ways: to provide direct financial management services for an individual; or to provide authorisation and direction to private financial managers.

Direct financial management

In our role as financial manager, we provide a range of legal and technical services for clients such as:
  • day-to-day income and expenditure management
  • protecting assets and legal rights
  • facilitating the buying/selling of a home
  • organising an adequate cash flow to pay bills
  • liaising with financial/legal institutions
  • managing a business or making investments

Private management

Once a private manager is appointed, it is NSW Trustee & Guardian's responsibility to oversee this role. We will provide managers with:
  • information about the role including responsibilities
  • 'Directions and Authorities' document, which gives you the authority to manage a person's finances
  • authority regarding proposals and asset security
  • oversight and monitoring to ensure duties are performed appropriately and that major deadlines and met and key activities are completed.
NSW Trustee & Guardian provides financial management services for people who have a disability that affects their capacity to make decisions.
NSW Trustee & Guardian provides support and direction to Private Managers appointed by a court or tribunal to manage a person's financial affairs.
Important information you should know if you are a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant.
Image of Financial Management Services and Private Management Services brochure
Financial Management Services & Private Management Services
This brochure covers our financial management services for private managers and for people with decision making disabilities. PDF file size is 1.3 MB.
Image of Financial Management Information Handbook
Financial Management Information Handbook
This comprehensive booklet details helpful information for our financial management clients. PDF file size is 2.9 MB.
Cover image private managers handbook
Private Manager's Handbook
This comprehensive booklet covers what you need to know if you have taken on the role of private financial manager.