Plan Ahead for Your Pet

Each year pets are left home alone when people die without a valid Will or where people have health issues which make it difficult to communicate with others and tell them about the pets they can no longer take care of.

Help ensure your pet is looked after by including your pet in your Will and Power of Attorney documents and ordering a free pet emergency card. 

Order a free pet emergency card

In the event you are unable to return home to care for your pet, our pet emergency card can be easily seen in your wallet, alerting those around you that your pet needs care. The back of the card has a space for you to write the name of your pet and who to contact in an emergency.

To order your pet emergency card please email and provide a mailing address.

Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship

If something happens to you while you are alive your Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents can be used to give instructions about the care of your pet.

Your attorney can make decisions about your finances, including money to be spent on your pet. Importantly, your attorney is allowed to enter your home if you are unwell and access your pets.

Your enduring guardian can make health and lifestyle decisions for you, including what services may be required to care for your pets, and considering choosing accommodation that allows you to have your pet live with you.

Pets and your Will

You can make sure your pet is looked after when you die by stating how you would like your pet cared for in your Will. There are different options available such as leaving money to a loved one or an animal charity with a request to look after your pet, or setting up a trust for your pet’s care and maintenance.

When setting up a trust think about:

  • a trustworthy and dependable executor/trustee who will uphold the terms of a trust
  • a reliable carer or guardian for your pet
  • leaving written details about your pet and veterinary documents that can be placed with your Will providing enough funds for the trust to last the pet’s lifetime.

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