Superannuation Trusts for Minors

With increasing complexity of the family unit, Trustees of superannuation funds have a discretionary responsibility to determine the beneficiaries of funds in the absence of a binding death nomination. It is less acceptable to abrogate this responsibility to the Executor of the Will or administrator of the estate. With the absence of guidelines and regulations, determining the correct guardianship and distribution can be time consuming and costly for the Superannuation and Insurance organisations.

NSW Trustee and Guardian is an independent and impartial expert for the referral of children’s trusts (commonly known as Superannuation Proceeds Trusts). Although it is not the role of the NSW Trustee and Guardian to determine the beneficiaries, it is our role to: 

  • Make sure the Trust fund received is properly administered in the best interests of the child 
  • Determine appropriate expenditure 
  • Invest funds prudently, making sure they last the distance

With over 100 years experience and thousands of Trusts currently under management, the NSW Trustee and Guardian is an independent body that meets all accountable and regulatory requirements, and is backed by a Government guarantee. We have extensive experience in Trust management and provide a logical solution to ease the complexity of these situations. Superannuation and Insurance organisations can be secure in the knowledge that the funds will be managed to the highest standards.

For further information please contact Carol Coombes at NSW Trustee and Guardian on 1300 553 731 or​

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