How will I access the NDIS?

How will disability accommodation be funded under the NDIS?

The NDIA will support you to develop a plan and identify theĀ supports you need, including your accommodation, which may include funding for integrated accommodation and supports. You can decide which provider you would like to use and you will be required to make a contribution towards your accommodation costs. For example, your contribution may cover the cost of food and utilities, but how much you will need to contribute will depend on your individual circumstances.

Who will provide my supported accommodation under NDIS?

Under the NDIS, the NSW Government will no longer provide any specialist disability supports, including specialist disability accommodation. These supports will be operated by the non-government sector, which already provides a majority of specialist disability accommodation. You will be able to choose who provides your accommodation.

What is specialist disability housing?

The term 'specialist disability housing' refers to a number of different accommodation types which have been developed to meet the particular needs of people with disability. Specialist disability housing includes group homes, large residential centres and clusters of village-based accommodation. Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments have agreed to work with the NDIA to develop and test new accommodation options, which will inform how accommodation support is provided in the future.

Am I able to change my accommodation arrangements under the NDIS?

If you are an NDIS participant, you can work with the NDIA if you want to change your accommodation arrangements.

Who will not need to apply for access to the NDIS?

  • People who attend day, recreation and life skills programs
  • People who receive support from therapy, early or behaviour intervention programs
  • People who use case management services
  • People accessing centre-based and flexible respite services

These people will be contacted by the NDIA when it is their turn to access the NDIS. Most people who currently access these supports are likely to move to the NDIS in their rollout year.

Who will still need to apply for access to the NDIS?

People accessing personal care assistance, personal care, meal services, home modifications and transport services will need to apply for access to the NDIS. They will need to provide evidence of their disability as part of their NDIS access request.

Information about providing evidence of disability can be found on theĀ NDIS website. These people will be contacted throughout the year by the NDIA to apply, so they do not need to contact the NDIA directly.