What is the Will Safe?

NSW Trustee & Guardian Will Safe provides secure storage for important planning ahead documents whether it is a Will, Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship Appointment.

  • electronic copies for added security
  • easy retrieval of documents when required

Why Will storage is important

For many people, Will storage means keeping their Will at home where it may be lost, damaged or stolen. If a Will can’t be located when required, it could cost the estate thousands of dollars in legal costs. There is also a serious risk your assets will not be distributed as you would have intended.

The Supreme Court of NSW requires a person’s original Will in order to grant probate. If the original Will can’t be found, the starting position of the Court is that the deceased person did not have a Will. This is called dying intestate, which means that that your assets will be distributed according to a pre-determined government formula. An executor may be able to reverse the starting position of the Court but this will be a very costly exercise.

How NSW Trustee & Guardian Will storage works

When you store your Will with the Will Safe you can rest assured that your documents are secure and can be easily retrieved when needed. Our Will storage is already used by more than half a million people in NSW.

Once you have deposited your documents with the Will Safe, electronic copies are made for added security. You will be given paper copies of the originals. There is no need for you use a separate Will registry. We don’t allow anyone, apart from you (or someone authorised by you) to access your Will. Your executor will only have access to it upon your death.

You can retrieve your document from the Will Safe by simply calling 1300 364 103 and we can arrange for it to be delivered to your nominated branch for collection. Please allow five working days for delivery.

Will registry

A Will registry allows people to register the location of their Will so that it can be located after their death. There is no public registry in NSW but a number of private providers are in operation.

If you keep your Will in our Will Safe it is automatically registered in our Wills database, there is no need to use a Will registry.

NSW Trustee & Guardian is the largest Will maker in NSW and often people need us to search our Wills database to enquire whether we hold the Will of a deceased person. To do this, simply make a Deceased Will Enquiry.

Join over half a million people in NSW who use Will Safe for Will storage. Contact us to enquire about the storage of your documents. Download Will Safe brochure or Will Safe deposit form.

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