Managed Clients 

NSW Trustee & Guardian provides financial management services directly to individuals whilst also providing authorisation, direction and oversight to Private Managers appointed to manage a person's financial affairs.

NSW Trustee & Guardian is an independent statutory authority legally appointed to protect and administer the financial affairs and property of people unable to make financial decisions for themselves.
NSW Trustee & Guardian provides financial management services for people who have a disability that affects their capacity to make decisions.
NSW Trustee & Guardian provides support and direction to Private Managers appointed by a court or tribunal to manage a person's financial affairs.
NSW Trustee & Guardian provides a range of services for financial management clients.
Image of Financial Management Services and Private Management Services brochure
Financial Management Services & Private Management Services
This brochure covers our financial management services for private managers and for people with decision making disabilities. PDF file size is 1.3 MB.
Image of Financial Management Information Handbook
Financial Management Information Handbook
This comprehensive booklet details helpful information for our financial management clients. PDF file size is 2.9 MB.
Cover image private managers handbook
Private Manager's Handbook
This comprehensive booklet covers what you need to know if you have taken on the role of private financial manager.