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Taking Charge of Your Tomorrow 

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Deceased estates

NSW Trustee and Guardian has been administering deceased estates for over 100 years.

We provide complete estate administration services for beneficiaries, and for executors and trustees who wish to give up their role.

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Find a Will in NSW Trustee and Guardian’s extensive database if you’re named in a Will, are a relative, have claim to the estate or may do if the Will is invalid.
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Being named a beneficiary of a Will means you are included in the Will of someone who has passed away and have been left a gift or benefit from their estate.
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If you are appointed Executor of someone’s Will, they have requested you to legally administer their estate and carry out any directions when they pass away.
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Australian Death Notification Service

The ADNS allows you to notify multiple organisations online that someone has died so their accounts can be closed or transferred.

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As professional, independent Executors, NSW Trustee and Guardian manage all estate and trust administration requirements including legal and financial affairs.



Free from outside influence or control.

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As beneficiary of a trust, you have been left assets in a Will that must be held for a designated period of time, for example, until you reach a certain age.



All of a person’s property including real and personal e.g. bank accounts, realty, shares in companies, cash etc.

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As Trustee, you’re responsible for managing trust property (money, shares and real estate) on behalf of another person or organisation as outlined. Learn more.

Learn more about our deceased estate services

Each year we administer thousands of deceased estates.

This video provides an overview of our deceased estate and trust services.