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Choose us as your executor

Choose NSW Trustee & Guardian to be your executor and have peace of mind your wishes will be carried out, and your loved ones will not be burdened during a very difficult time.

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The person or organisation responsible for managing your assets
according to the directions in your Will when you pass away.

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Benefits of making us your executor

  • Your wishes will be looked after in accordance with your Will

  • The pressure of administering your estate is removed from your loved ones

  • All tasks will be undertaken by experienced staff supported by our in-house experts

  • No up-front fees – these are paid from your estate after you pass away

Learn more about our executors services

Our Estate Administration team provide end-to-end executor services.

This video provides an overview of what we do when we’re appointed as executor.

Make us your executor

Request an appointment to make or update your Will, and you can appoint NSW Trustee & Guardian as your executor.

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