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Set up a trust

There are several different kinds of trusts available. We can provide advice and help you with the following types of testamentary trusts you would like to create in your Will. 

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A relationship where a person or organisation (the trustee) is under an obligation to hold property (real estate and/or money) for the benefit of other persons (the beneficiaries).

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A trust is a relationship where a person or organisation (trustee) is under obligation to hold real estate and money to benefit other persons (beneficiaries).
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Find out all the legal and trustee costs and fees for NSW Trustee & Guardian to administer an estate with a continuing trust or set up or transfer a trust.
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Make a Will with NSW Trustee & Guardian. Get expert help to make a valid Will outlining who you wish to inherit your assets, look after your children and be Executor of your estate when you pass away.

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