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Taking Charge of Your Tomorrow 

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Make a Custom Will

Creating a Will can be complicated and some people will need a Custom Will that better suits their needs.

Why make a Will with NSW Trustee and Guardian?

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All of our Wills are prepared by professional will makers or solicitors and peer reviewed for accuracy.

Full service 
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Don't want to burden your family or cause conflicts? You have the option of appointing us as the executor of your Will and we will take care of everything. 

Easy access 
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We take appointments at over 100 locations across NSW to help locals prepare their Will. Can't make it in person? Video conference options are also available.

Safe storage
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Have your Will safely and securely stored in our WillSafe. It can be accessed anytime and electronic copies are kept for added security.

Competitive pricing 
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Tailored pricing to suit your personal needs. Fees are waived for customers who receive a full Centrelink Age pension.

About Custom Wills

Custom Wills with NSW Trustee and Guardian

You will need a Custom Will if you:

  • have a self-managed superfund, company, family trust or other type of trust

  • run a business through a partnership, company or other similar structure

  • wish to include a long-term trust in your Will

  • own overseas assets

  • owe a beneficiary money and/or a beneficiary owes you money


Not sure a Custom Will is what you need? Read through the frequently asked questions below:


What's included in a Custom Will?

Custom Wills may include any of the following:

  • Choosing 4 or more successive levels of alternate beneficiaries to receive a gift

  • Dividing gifts into sub-parts

  • Using life insurance for paying off debts

  • Ownership of overseas assets

  • Owing a beneficiary money and/or a beneficiary owing you money

  • Special conditions for pets and other gifts

  • Option for beneficiary to purchase property from your estate

  • Gifts of uncommon assets (e.g. intellectual property, taxi licence)

  • Appointing a different trustee and executor

  • Business partnerships with spouse only

  • Interests in a private company

  • Interests in self-managed superfund

  • Contracts or agreements to be considered as part of the Will

  • The setting up of: protective discretionary trusts, long-term trusts, inter vivos family trust, special disability trust and charitable trusts.


How much does a Custom Will cost?

Custom Wills with NSW Trustee and Guardian start from $693 (incl. GST). The price of your Custom Will is based on your individual circumstances and what inclusions you need.


What if I need more information?

Our Wills and Estates Planning team are here to help. Our offices are open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEDST. 

  • Call us direct on 1300 10 20 30 
  • Click the "contact a consultant" from your mobile's web browser
  • Request a call by completing the form below.

For custom Wills, call 1300 10 20 30

Our business hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEDST.




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