Will Preparation Fees

When your Will is prepared by NSW Trustee & Guardian you can choose your own executor, or choose NSW Trustee & Guardian for independent and impartial services. When you have both your Will and Power of Attorney planning ahead documents prepared by us, you receive a discount of $110.

Will preparation services are provided free for people eligible for a full Centrelink Age Pension (including people receiving other government benefits, such as a Department of Veterans' Affairs Pension, who would otherwise be eligible for a full Centrelink Age Pension).

Fees for Will and Power of Attorney (PoA) document preparation and update
Fees (incl. GST) Will PoA Will & PoA
Preparation $330  $220  $440
NSW Trustee & Guardian made document update $220  $165  $330
If you nominate NSW Trustee & Guardian as your executor in your Will, executor fees will apply for the administration of your estate after you die.
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