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Taking Charge of Your Tomorrow 

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Appoint an Enduring Guardian

A person you appoint to make healthcare, lifestyle and medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make your own decisions. 

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Enduring Guardian



Choose a Guardian to make health and lifestyle decisions on your behalf.


  • Enduring Guardianship document


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Essentials package

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Bundle and save when you make your Basic Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents with us.


  • Basic Will document

  • Power of Attorney document

  • Enduring Guardianship document


Lael's story

Lael is 33 years old and appointed Anh to be her Enduring Guardian four years ago.

During this time, Anh has not been required to make any decisions on Lael’s behalf.

Recently, Lael was in a serious car accident and suffered a severe brain injury.

Lael has lost her mental capacity and is unable to make her own decisions, so Anh has become active in his role as her Enduring Guardian.

If Lael regains capacity, then Anh will no longer have authority to make decisions.

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Learn about how to appoint an Enduring Guardian to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions for you if you become incapable of doing this for yourself.
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An Advance Care Directive or ‘Living Will’ provides clear directions from you that need to be considered before medical treatment decisions are made for you.