Are You an Executor?

Being the executor of a Will can be a complex, time-consuming and demanding job, which requires dedication, experience and professionalism. Many people appoint a friend or relative as their executor. They may do this as a compliment - a way of acknowledging their respect or admiration for that person. The reality is that people can be left with the burden of a loved one’s estate to sort out at a time when they are grieving and distressed.

If you have been appointed executor of someone’s estate it's good to know that someone with expertise and experience can take over this work for you. As a professional executor, NSW Trustee and Guardian is able to take on this role to relieve people who have been nominated executor and are unsure of what is required and are concerned about what is involved.

If you have been nominated as executor and do not have the time or expertise to undertake all the administration tasks, you can appoint NSW Trustee and Guardian to manage the often onerous financial, legal and taxation duties involved. We are skilled in all aspects of estate administration from obtaining Probate to preparation of accounts and lodgement of legal and tax documents.

Family conflict and emotional issues can also make this an extremely stressful experience. We can assume responsibility for the administration of the estate freeing you from the personal obligations and liabilities that go with the role of executor.

If you are the executor of a Will and require a professional helping hand contact us on 1300 364 103 or complete our contact form.

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