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Tailored To Meet Your Financial Needs

Active Assist gives you the freedom to choose the exact level of assistance you need through a Power of Attorney. If you want to free up your time, we can manage your day to day financial tasks for you.

This can include the collection of income; payment of bills; maintenance and management of property; processing of health fund accounts and the investment of your surplus savings.We can, for an additional fee, also assist you with portfolio reviews, tax returns and the buying and selling of real estate (including dealing with interests in retirement villages).

You can also use Active Assist if you find it daunting dealing with banks and other financial institutions. Or, you may wish to actively oversee the management of your financial affairs, but no longer worry about the bills and other day to day demands. As well, this service can be used to ensure that, if you lose the ability to self manage, the NSW Trustee & Guardian can do this for you under your Enduring Power of Attorney.

Case Study:

Victoria and Andrew are Active Assist clients of NSW Trustee & Guardian. They no longer worry about bills and yet actively oversee the management of their financial affairs.

After discussing the matter with their parents, Victoria and Andrew's adult children are happy to have us take care of their parents financial needs, and know NSW Trustee & Guardian acts on behalf of their parents and manages their money in a safe and prudent way. NSW Trustee & Guardian staff have helped alleviate any uneasy feelings they might have about not managing their parents’ financial affairs too.

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